About Us

Incorporated in 2011, in Virginia, in the United States of America, The Piper Corporation is a catholic founded company focused on education through various mediums for adults and children.

Founded by the Piper sisters, Nicole “Nikki” Piper and Heather Piper, the Piper Corporation was built to spread the interest of incorporating education and continued learning with entertainment, all while supporting and encouraging family interaction and reinforcement of family values.  From the ideas of Heather and through the support of Nicole, the Piper Corporation was established.

The Piper Corporation believes in the encouragement and reinforcement of a strong family life.  With this belief, we feel that children will excel throughout their development and families will be strengthened, therefore increasing respect for themselves, others, and the environment. Coupling this lifestyle with formal education encourages the personal growth of the future.

The Piper Corporation is proud to offer our unique products and games.  Our trademarks include SpyRing (www.SpyRing.com), Aunt Heather (www.AuntHeather.com), Cooking with Kyle, and Thrill of the Hunt (www.ThrillScavengerHunt.com).  While each of these of products is unique in their right, they are all built on a foundation of education and entertainment to reinforce personal growth and family life.

Nicole PiperAunt Heather PiperThe Piper sisters mirror the uniqueness of each product and service they represent through their own individual personalities.  The combination of these polar opposite minds come together to create original, fun and most importantly educational tools for the entire family.  The Piper sisters are a living testimony of celebrating personal differences and they set the example of how to use these differences to work in tandem and accomplishing a goal.  Learn more about the left brain (Nicole)  and right brain (Heather) , which form The Piper Corporation.

The Piper Corporation is continuously working on new products.  Please check back to be the first to hear about our newest products and games or Contact Us, send your comments to game@thrillofhunt.com.