Heather Piper

Nick NameAunt Heather or Pipes
Co-founder of The Piper Corporation
Title: The Light Bulb

Aunt-Heather-Piper-Piper-CorporationHeather Piper, who is sometimes best known as Aunt Heather is an energetic and personable individual with an enthusiasm for art and art history.  Heather has worked as a marketing professional her entire career.  Attending Seton Hill University, she earned a Bachelor’s of Art in Marketing and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.  She has utilized both degrees to thoroughly understand and bring to life the world of digital, print, and media advertising.

As the second of three children, Heather and her family lived a very simple and rustic lifestyle on the ridge near Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  Along with raising the occasional farm animal, which they butchered at home, the Piper family was the epitome of living off the land.  They grew their own vegetables, prepared them for canning and freezing, and hunted for their meat.  She became part of a deer-hunting legacy by actively participating in hunting, butchering, freezing and canning the deer meat.  Heather grew up with the tradition of home cooking that didn’t come with recipes; only the self-discovery of what worked.

In spite of Heather’s humble lifestyle, she has had the opportunity to travel internationally.  Her travels have taken her through the United States, including Alaska, as well as Mexico, and Canada.  Her overseas international travel included England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, and Wales and South Korea.  All these travels have given her the opportunity to experience many different cultures first hand, including the cuisine.  Heather plans on adding to this list in the future.

Heather is currently making her mark in the world with several pursuits.  To begin with, she is taking on the blogging world, not as a mom blogger but as a devoted and passionate aunt.  Heather’s personal blog, www.auntheather.com and YouTube channel provides an anecdotal look at her interactions with her nephew.  The blog covers many areas of her life as well as parenting topics, cooking with children, and being the only non-parent PTA member.  In her pursuit of educating her nephew, she is also working with her sister, Nicole to develop SpyRing, an educational card game that parents and teachers can use to make learning fun and exciting for children (www.SpyRing.com), and Thrill of the Hunt, unique themed based scavenger hunts (www.ThrillScavengerHunt.com).

“Kyle has really taught me about life.  I never would have guessed that one little boy would have such an impact on me.  Children are truly God’s gifts.”  ~Heather Piper

When not working, Heather can be found in the kitchen with her nephew, experimenting on different recipes.  She event started to record these interactions with Cooking with Kyle.  To work off her love of cooking, Heather will lace up her tennis shoes and hit the pavement for a good run or hike.  That is, unless the snow is falling and then you can find her strapping on her snowboard and experiencing God’s country from the top of a snow covered mountain.  To relax, she is an avid reader with an eclectic assortment of reading interests that encompass fiction, politics, biographies, art / art history and management / business books.

“Reading is a great vacation and allows me to learn while being inspired and introduced to creative ideas… whole new worlds.”  ~Heather Piper

While Heather is making her mark on life, her future has yet to be written.