SpyRing LogoEveryone understands and is intrigued by the idea of spies, missions and espionage. SpyRing brings all that to life through a simple to play card game for children. The basic overall benefits of the game include reading and reading comprehension coupled with targeted school subjects. SpyRing helps to educate children on different grade levels through the interaction of card playing fun!

SpyRing-Cards-front-backSpyRing not only focuses on a variety of elementary school subjects, but it also introduces children to professions, advanced education, hobbies and activities.  Children are invited to follow the 12 main characters of the SpyRing Team on their missions to acquire knowledge and collect trivia, representing an increase in future spy experience and rank.  The SpyRing Team character biographies at SpyRing.com enhance the imagination, making studying and research fun again.  The characters were created to be well educated and experienced in specific disciplines. This exposure was designed to open up a different way of thinking when choosing a career path and an occupation, as well as pastime activities.

SpyRing allows children to share knowledge with each other. If they do not know the answer, the game rules encourage them to use research, note taking and discussion in order to find success. As a learning tool, parents and educators can utilize the game to work with children, whether it’s attending  SpyRing scavenger hunt events or as an alternative to reciting flashcards, a subject review alternative.

Visit SpyRing.com to learn more about each of the SpyRing Team and to purchase you very own Secret Supplies.

Want to know how SpyRing was developed?  Read the full story.


 SpyRing in the News

SpyRing to Attend the California Baby and Kidz Fair
January 21, 2012 – Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA

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SpyRing to Attend the Big Y Kids Fair
February 11 – 12, 2012 – Connecticut Convention Center in Hardford, CT

Piper Corporation PDF Icon PR- Big Y Kids Fair