SpyRing -Story

The Story Behind SpyRing

SpyRing-CardsSpyRing was originally created as a scavenger hunt designed to reinforce school subjects in a fun and interactive way.

The desire to help a child reach full potential

SpyRing was inspired from the desire to help Heather’s nephew, Kyle, with his schoolwork, coupled with a recent trip to the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.

Kyle’s grades were always good but one quarter, his report card grades dropped across the board.  Like many parents, she just knew he was smarter than that.  She knew it was one of those points in life, where Kyle felt the challenges in school were too great.  He simply gave into more distracting and desirable activities than studying, such as cartoons and video games.


Heather & Nicole Piper at Big Y trade show, CT 2012

Finding a remedy for the common homework

Knowing that reinforcement of his studies was inevitable for Kyle, Heather wanted to find a way to make doing the homework easier and fun.  Trying flashcards, workbooks, and online games only went so far with the youngster. Kyle not only saw the activities as work, but EXTRA work. Although Heather was playing a role in his education, it was becoming apparent that this method was not going to change his attitude toward learning.  She had to take a stand by never making excuses for his poor grades. Instead, she got creative.

Games are a learning experience

Anytime a new game is played, there is a learning that takes place and the rules are memorized. If having fun is the result, then the more likely the game will be played again and again.  With each passing, a new desire to master the game follows.  Originally SpyRing was developed as a  scavenger hunt for Kyle, focusing on his weaknesses, reading and reading comprehension.

“The goal of the game was to make it fun and exciting, so we packed our spy gear (anything we had that seemed fun to play with) and went on our first mission. When it came time to start SpyRing as a product, I wanted to start with something that was inexpensive and convenient. The card game has since triggered the members of the SpyRing characters and the learning continues.”  ~Heather Piper

Sharing a solution with others

It’s a funny story how SpyRing came to life. As Kyle’s grades improved, his confidence was back at full throttle.  Kyle at one point, approached his Aunt Heather with the idea that he would like to “start his own business.” After giving him a crash course in business, crunching numbers and discussing overhead and profit, Heather realized that they actually had a real product that made a difference. Kyle was living proof of that.  Eventually, Heather brought the idea of SpyRing to her sister, Nicole, who also believed in the idea of helping to reinforce education for children through a fun way.  Nicole started The Piper Corporation, with its flagship product, SpyRing.  SpyRing had one objective: to make this form of learning accessible to all children.

Realizing your abilities as a coach

“My belief is that parents and guardians are like coaches, addressing not only the strengths in children, but their weaknesses as well. We are there to guide and push them toward excellence and never just “observe” their performance. Coaches have the ability to get involved and express when change is needed without jeopardizing the confidence of the team. And with children, shouldn’t we be working together as a team?”  ~Heather Piper

SpyRing is just the beginning

Knowledge can be captured everyday! In every conversation, activity, and observation, there is an opportunity to learn something new. If that opportunity is memorable, the information involved can last a lifetime.  SpyRing… Education Unlocked!

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