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Behind the Story

Thrill of the Hunt Scavenger Hunt LogoSince Heather and Nicole were both fans of the Twilight books, they thought it would be a lot of fun to participate in a Twilight themed scavenger hunt, quizzing their knowledge of the literature and the movies while interacting with other fans.  In looking further into the idea, there didn’t seem to be anything of that nature available.

Actually, I was surprised to find no one was offering themed scavenger hunts, at least not on a large scale, and certainly not within close proximity to me.  I’ve always loved the idea of exploring an area and being sent on missions, challenging my intellect, while overcoming different obstacles.  Scavenger Hunts are exciting and thrilling, engaging and just plain fun!  ~Heather Piper

Originally, Heather thought of creating a themed scavenger hunt in preparation for the first Breaking Dawn movie.  She approached her sister, Nicole, whom loved the idea and was already in the process of starting The Piper Corporation.  Nicole, took the idea and thought of not just making a scavenger hunt, but a company.  Together, the sisters built Thrill of the Hunt.  While the company offers basic scavenger hunt packages for parties and local events, Thrill of the Hunt focuses on themed scavenger hunts based on books, movies, pop culture, major events, musical artists etc.

When I lived in Tucson, Arizona I helped organize events for the local community.  One activity that I always enjoyed developing was the scavenger hunts.  Participating in them is equally as exciting as developing the scavenger hunt itself.  They are so much fun and always well received.  ~Nicole Piper

Nicole and Heather decided to take their love for books, movies and pop culture and bring them to life through themed scavenger hunts.  These events allow fans to participate in their interest with fellow enthusiasts.  And so Thrill of the Hunt was born.

While Thrill of the Hunt is still in its infancy stages, Nicole and Heather are planning to expand and bring the themed scavenger hunts to everyone, taking the themed scavenger hunts on tour throughout the United States.